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Piano Classic Pro

Developer: Batalsoft

Sale 70% Off NowSale 70% Off NowLearn piano, play piano. Simple and classic music game. You can learn and play piano anywhere and anytime in easy and fun way :)Play Classic Piano PRO on your smartphone - piano turns your device into a real musical instrument. To play just choose game mode and start tapping on the pianotiles.
It helps when you wish to play piano but don't have piano around you! Now you can feel like a real musician by playing classical music written by Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky.
Learn to play, practice songs and make music. Create your own tracks from anywhere and enjoy music while playing and learning a variety of songs composed by Chopin, Bach or Beethoven.
How to play Classic Piano PRO:
Just run your fingers over the piano tiles, play live music and feel like a real musician. You will not be as good as Chopin, Mozart or Bach but to play this perfect piano will give you great pleasure.
Choose difficulty level! You got 6 music speed levels to choose from.Play your favorite songs and melodies by tapping piano tiles. Just follow the highlighted notes on piano tiles and you will be able to play many popular songs and melodies.Get as many points as possible for playing music and unlock all songs and instruments in our Classic Piano PRO Store.Enjoy piano lessons over and over again and use our play schedule to plan your future music lessons!
Feature of Piano Classic PRO:- Simple music game without any ads- classic piano sound- simple musical keyboard with realistic piano tiles- adjustable piano keyboard tiles- a lot of sample songs to play of popular artists and classical maestros like Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart.- easy enough for children- multitouch playing- write your own songs and music and record them!- touch pressure detecting in both game modes- many instruments to choose i.e. classic piano, guitar, violin and many more!- record fuction